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D B Carter, The Cherries & The Wild Roses

I couldn't be happier with the book cover design for "Ups and Downs", and I have received many comments from people who love it. Your book trailer videos for "The Cherries" and "The Wild Roses" are similarly outstanding, and I relish every opportunity I get to share them - again. I've received many complimentary tweets and messages about them.


It's been a complete pleasure to work with you on these projects, and your patience and professionalism are greatly appreciated. I very much look forward to working with you again.


Sein Ares, Arcana of the Crimson Era

To the person reading this, I was in two minds about getting a book trailer.

First up, I was unsure if it would be worth it. But then, I saw DeadBird's video for one of my good friends' books and decided to ask her.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to afford it but it wasn't so expensive. DeadBirds provides affordable rates and the quality just blew my mind. After I posted the video, nearly everybody told me it was top notch. 

From the fine detail of how the characters moved their lips to the words that were said, I could see Michele put her heart into it. The video quality was stunning and importantly even when uploaded to twitter or Instagram, it doesn't loose that quality. The audio was clear and precise and she set the right tone for the video.


So I strongly urge you to give her a try if you're in the market for a trailer and don't know who to go to. I guarantee you will get your money's worth.

new 60s documents3.jpg

Maple Mystery Games

Michele created a fab video trailer for my 1960s’ murder mystery game.


The video was creative and groovy and matched the upbeat nature of my party game whilst still hooking the viewer with the central mystery of “Who Killed Pearly Pearl?”


The video was delivered on time and Michele was easy to work with.


I would recommend Michele to anyone wanting a creative trailer.

Ashley Nicole, Sacrificial Lamb

When I began looking for someone to make my book trailer, Deadbirds.net was recommended to me.


Having worked with Michele before through her editing services, I knew the quality of her work was excellent. I reached out and just with bouncing ideas with each other I could tell she had the care and ability to bring my vision to life.


The end result was above and beyond what I expected and I would gladly recommend her services to anyone looking for a high quality promotional book trailer!

It's perfect! I love it! There's nothing I would change about it. Thank you!

— M Murphy

Cheryl Bannerman, Cats, Cannollis and a Curious Kidnapping

Michele at Dead Birds was a great solution to my marketing problem. I had big ideas for my book trailer, but not a big marketing budget as a small business. I knew I wanted to tell a story, but without using all still photos. This company gave me a quality cinematic solution for a great price.


And, I appreciate that I did not have to provide a detailed script, images, or a storyboard. They did the research on my book and created everything for me! I even got to choose my voice talent, male or female, with or without an accent, etc. 


I'm so glad I found a company with high standards and ethics to produce the trailers for all of my books!


Matthew J Murphy, Remedy

It's perfect! I love it! There's nothing I would change about it. Thank you so much, Michele and DeadBIrds.Net!

Natalie Billing-Reeves,

My Daddy is a Monster

Has anyone seen my book trailer? if you haven't, you really need to. Then I wouldn't have to explain why using DeadBird's is a total no brainer. DeadBird's brought my story and it's characters to life in less than 40 seconds! Marrying up the perfect ambient music and voiceovers, it's the difference between an audience adding a book to a wish list, and queuing outside the store on launch day. It's that good! I couldn't recommend them more highly!! 

Julie Kusma, Stuck That Way and Other Quandaries

When I saw the trailers Michele created for other clients, I knew I wanted her to create mine. I didn’t have a novel with one identity; I had a collection of six short stories with six separate identities. I wasn’t sure how she would pull this together in a cohesive manner, but she did. My trailer is terrific.

Her professionalism is unrivaled, as is her responsiveness. Michele makes one feel they are her only client. I will work with DeadBird.net again. Thank you, Michele. Your work is outstanding.

Julie Kusma, Author of Stuck That Way and Other Quandaries

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